Do a girl from behind. Let her know you're about to finish. Spit in her back. When she turns around shoot your load on her face. Yell Houdini
Hey brian how was your butt sex last was great until my gay buddy pulled a houdini on me.
by BB men November 07, 2005
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As a man reaches climax whilst in the "doggie style" position, the man pulls out and spits on their partner's back, fooling them into thinking that he has ejaculated, however, when their partner turns around, the man lets loose his baby yoghurt in his partner's face.
I took my weenie and pulled a houdini in her eye, then she cried.
by j.biddy August 21, 2005
a houdini can also refer to a sex act where a male, who is fucking a chick doggy style in front of a first floor window, quickly pulls out, and his friend jumps in to continue banging her. the first man then proceeds to run naked and dance in front of his bitch outside the window. magic, eh?

nonetheless, the more accepted defineition is the genuine spit and skeet technique.
"HEY BTICH" *dances naked" - matt s
"wtf? i thought he was fucking me?" - carly o
"haha, no bitch, im fucking you, houdini style!" - josh l
by matt s-w March 15, 2007
When having sex doggy style, when the guy is about to ejaculate, he pulls out and then proceeds to spit on the girls back so that she turns around, and blows it right in her eye.
Girl: You're done already?
Guy: Sure am...
(Girl Looks around)
by Steven Spears August 20, 2005
Named for the infamous magician, the houdini is a sexual act in which a male engages his partner from behind and prior to ejaculating he pulls his penis out and spits on his partners back to simulate ejaculate. When his partner turns around he then ejaculates into his partner's face.
Damn, Jenny was so surprised when I busted a houdini last night.
by Dale Gribble September 11, 2005
When a man has sex with a woman so that he is behind her and she is facing a window. The man has his friend hide in the in the room and during the middle of the act the man pulls out and his friend takes his place so that the woman does not notice. The man then runs outside and waves to the woman from outside of the window.
Me and Jim pulled the houdini perfectly last night. The girl had no idea how I escaped.
by CareyB May 13, 2008
The act of disappearing without warning whilst out clubbing or at a party with a group of friends. The disappearance being like that of Houdini's magic act; also known as "Pulling a Houdini".
Sam : Oi Jamie, have you seen Josh around here lately?

Jamie : Nah man I haven't seen him anywhere.

Sam : Damn, he's pulled a Houdini again...
by Bobby Biglips May 13, 2011
when you're fucking a girl from behind and she's facing a window. You withdraw quickly and have a buddy slip in, meanwhile you walk out side and wave to her through the window
I just gave that bitch a houdini and she was like "what the fuck?"
by vengefulsorrow December 16, 2008
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