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The burning sensation of the anus similar to hot sauce on your lips, usually after diarrhea or a loose bowel movement.
I just got hotsauced and it burns so much!
by Shock Diamond July 14, 2014
The act of breaking up with someone.
"He is so nice he waited until they found her lost keys to hotsauce her."

"She said the pain of getting hotsauced by her boyfriend wasn't as bad as it could have been because he helped her out so much."
by Hogangirl1981 June 14, 2012
(v., adj.) - When a company outsources your employment to a third party, and you get all fired up.
I'm feeling quite blazy because our department just got hotsauced.
by Rollie Hatch June 18, 2008
A term for being incredibly drunk, so incredibly drunk that you know you will wake up only to take a shit that will burn your asshole.
Man, I went out and got real hot sauced last night. Now my asshole feels like a burning ring of fire.
by Eric K Anderson September 16, 2007
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