Everyone is wrong, I'll explain what a REAL Hot Carl is.
A Hot Carl consists of shitting on a female's tits and then titty fucking her. If you do it right and have a good fecal consistense, this will result in a crap bridge over her titties. Not to be confused with the Hot Carlos wich consists of the same thing but instead of the female partner, a hard surface like a counter is used.
- Man this chick has big boobs I would love to do a Hot Carlos on her.
- You mean a Hot Carl right?
- Oh yeah, I'm kind of used to being lonely ...
by hotcarl4u September 17, 2007
to shit into a sock and hit slap a chick in the face with the sock.
cynthia's face was bruised from the powerful hot carl she received the other night.
by schultz April 07, 2005
The act of punching/hitting a woman, rendering her unconscious and then taking a dump on her chest.
She was a bit unsure about anything involving poo so I gave her a Hot Carl and made the decision for her.
by jacklovesold March 03, 2009
A "hot Carl" is when you take a dump in a girls mouth and then fuck her face. If you can do that and then get another girl to suck your shitty dick, it's called a Hot Carl with a side of Gravy.
I took a couple broads home and gave them a Hot-Carl with a side of Gravy.
by Cecil Gomez November 17, 2005
When you take a shit in a sock and beat the living daylights out of someone.
You ready for a hot carl!
by Stanly May 20, 2005
A hot carl is when you are taking a shit and getting off while your girl gives you head (preferably while on the toilet).
(It is NOT taking a shit on someone's face, whether or not there's plastic wrap!!!)
I insisted on being given a Hot-Carl, but my girlfriend thought it was too disgusting.
by deej February 18, 2005
a hot-carl is when you cover your sex partners face in saran wrap, then u take a nice warm shit on their face and they get pleasure from the warmth.
I gave my kinky girlfriend a hot-carl
by Antoin March 19, 2006

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