the act of sucking dick right after it has been fucking an asshole. also known as oaas... ''Oral After Anal Sex''. the anal sex can be douched or undouched.
i fucked her ass and then she sucked my dick... it was the first time i gave a hot carl to a chick.
by i am the great cornholio December 27, 2007
A Hot-Carl is when you are in a 69 position and you squeeze out a hot, spicy fart. Since the chick's nose is near your butthole, she gets the extra pleasure of whatever you had for dinner that night. Strictly a class move. It is also known as the Alabama Nose Warmer.

All the above entries, I believe, are incorrect. Taking a shit over someone's face is called a "Glass-Bottom Boat". Shitting on someone's chest is called a "Cleveland Steamer".
Jenny's mouth felt so good on my cock, that I became too relaxed and blew a spicy Hot-Carl on her nose. I shouldn't have had those habanero poppers.
by Nycroft December 29, 2005
when you get head while taking a shit
john likes to get a hot-carl from his girlfriend lisa
by thedonger June 05, 2006
When a person takes a dump in another person's mouth
Dude, last night the sick bitch kept trying to get me to give her a hot carl
by Drummer Boy June 07, 2005
The act of shitting in a tube sock, then placing said sock in a microwave. After the poop is nice and liquified, then a hole is cut in the sock. Then you smack someone across the face.
Person 1:Did you see me give that guy a hot carl?

Person 2: Yea, he had so much shit all over his face, it was gross.
by HotCarler24 April 05, 2011
A true Hot Carl is when your having sex with a person doggy style. Wait until they cum. Next, you punch them in the back of the head. While they try to regain consciousness you flip them over and defecate on their chest.

The first time i heard this term used was in 1987 in Michigan.
Dude we got home from the party and she wanted me to give her a Hot Carl.
by a2thez August 30, 2010
When you get fucked by Sling Blade.
I thought it was weird when Billy gave me that Hot Carl last night. It scared the shit out of me. Soooo good, though! Nothin' like getting fucked by a retard!
by frenchfriedpotaters January 27, 2009

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