when you get head while taking a shit
john likes to get a hot-carl from his girlfriend lisa
by thedonger June 05, 2006
When a person takes a dump in another person's mouth
Dude, last night the sick bitch kept trying to get me to give her a hot carl
by Drummer Boy June 07, 2005
The act of shitting in a tube sock, then placing said sock in a microwave. After the poop is nice and liquified, then a hole is cut in the sock. Then you smack someone across the face.
Person 1:Did you see me give that guy a hot carl?

Person 2: Yea, he had so much shit all over his face, it was gross.
by HotCarler24 April 05, 2011
To shit on someone's face
A stripper was cock-blocking her friend, another stripper whore, by telling me and me friends that the bitch was into some sick shit like "Hot Carls". She explained it to us; to have her face shit on.
by Daeman May 30, 2005
This is a simple maneuver where you withdraw your shaft from the bowels of her anus and place it directly into her mouth for a cleaning. Apparently some guy named Carl first tried this.
Ted:I could never do anal sex with tammy my pen15 would be all covered with shit.
Ned:Thats why you give her a hot carl plus it saves you time,water,and soap.
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ February 28, 2005
Getting a Blow Job while sitting on the toilet taking a shit.
Getting your dick sucked while shitting (Hot Carl)
by Hot Fred February 02, 2011
Taking a shit in a sock and slapping someone in the face with it!
Wow, Matt just got a steamy hot carl to the face....gross
by DreamySarah November 23, 2007

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