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When someone takes a shit on your ceiling fan and waits for you to turn it on.
Ray's room smell's like shit after I Hot Carled it.
by no123453322 August 29, 2013
48 82
defacating your feces into a partners mouth sexually. (also see hot carl)
Johnny gave little Susie a Hotcarl for being such a rough dildo.
by Carlos Caliente July 18, 2003
19 55
A Chorizo Burrito ordered from Jack in the Box that is double penetrated by two Mexicans working in the back before being served to you.
Friend: "Man, what's with all that grunting coming from the back room?"
Me: "Dude, the cooks are whipping you up a steamin' Hot Carl for sure"
by J-Mama July 12, 2012
168 206
The act of fucking someone in the ass then proceding to have the recipient suck you dick with shit all over it.
"Yo Luke B. gave me a Hot-Carl"
"Eww. you sick mother fucker"

" Wut it only cost me a dollar."
by Fatty April 02, 2005
25 62
When a girl gives a guy a blow job while he is taking a dump.
In the latest porn video I rented, there were three hot carl scenes.
by bigboy jeff October 07, 2003
19 63
EVERYONE IS WRONG IM SORRY TO SAY but a hotcarl is when a woman gives you a bj while you take a shit
last night i had the best hotcarl ive ever had.
by porteous3000 July 04, 2006
21 74
something that is humiliating yet extremely funny.
something that is outrageous and yet benefits you in a hilarious manner.
"man... thats soooo HotCarl"
by Smitty October 19, 2004
3 59