When a girl gives a guy a blow job while he is taking a dump.
In the latest porn video I rented, there were three hot carl scenes.
by bigboy jeff October 07, 2003
something that is humiliating yet extremely funny.
something that is outrageous and yet benefits you in a hilarious manner.
"man... thats soooo HotCarl"
by Smitty October 19, 2004
EVERYONE IS WRONG IM SORRY TO SAY but a hotcarl is when a woman gives you a bj while you take a shit
last night i had the best hotcarl ive ever had.
by porteous3000 July 04, 2006
When you take a shit in your hand, throw it at somebody's face and kick them through a window.
I was so pissed off I Hot-Carl'd the guy interviewing me for the job!
by macdaddy94 November 05, 2006
When your roommate passes out and then you take a large creamy shit in their mouth.
Jason passed out from a long night of drinking, then Lisa, J-Rod, Mike Lin, and I all took a sweet Hot-Carl in his mouth.
by J-Rod Marks September 28, 2005
A hot carl is when you shit in your partners mouth.

If you miss their mouth and hit their face it is but a warm carl.
I shit in her mouth.
by morety March 02, 2005
A Hot-Carl in understandable terms is when you remove your phallus from your partner's warm rectal orifice and insert it into their mouth, thus giving them the distinct aftertaste of hot wet ass. This is also referred to as Ass to Mouth, Arse to Mouth, A2M, ATM. It is commonly misconcieved that a Hot-Carl involved some sort of rectal expulsion on or near a partners face, this, however, is incorrect.
Pleasuring myself in my girlfriend's warm asshole was very tiring after an hour, so I opted to free the weasel and give her a Hot-Carl instead.
by Patrick F. August 23, 2006
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