To perform a Hotcarl, an individual begins by defecating into a large tube sock. While holding the sock in a vertical position the opening is then securely tied off in a knot. Tightly grip the knotted end and swing the steamy shit sock in a windmill like fashion until all fecal matter is forced to the toe end of the tube sock. At this point the individual then strikes his/her partner violently and repeatedly. A flogging motion is the most common method but personal preference varies for each individual.
A woman assaulted on the CTA Blue Line in Oak Park last week told police another passenger struck her in the face with a sock filled with human excrement aka "Hotcarl."
#hotcarl #guap #chicago #fecal matter #poop sock #tube sock #ratchet #sex act #miley cyrus #steamy #raw swag #basedgod
by TYFYTA January 09, 2014
When someone takes a shit on your ceiling fan and waits for you to turn it on.
Ray's room smell's like shit after I Hot Carled it.
#shit #stink #ceiling #fan #smell
by no123453322 August 29, 2013

A hot carl is when someone puts seran wrap ontop of another person's face and shits on it. This creates a warm tingly sensation that i like to call a piping hot carl.
Andrew gave Purt a piping hot carl.
#poop #hot #steamy #awesome #carly
by Macking Some Fat January 08, 2006
The act of fucking someone in the ass then proceding to have the recipient suck you dick with shit all over it.
"Yo Luke B. gave me a Hot-Carl"
"Eww. you sick mother fucker"

" Wut it only cost me a dollar."
by Fatty April 02, 2005
hot Carl is anal then Oral, resulting in an almost Caramel taste...above is wrong
Rusty trombone is boning your girl when on a period when stickin' it in Her mouth; thus the Rusty taste from blood of the period ( iron in the blood)
Hey, i got a " hot Carl" last night and Nancy doesn't even like caramel
#hot carl #iron #blood #caramel #anal
by cedric wallace January 22, 2015
After heterosexual butt sex, the male extracts his member from her anus and places it in her cock holster(mouth).
After a brutal ass pounding, Johnny rewards Susie with a hotcarl.
by Carl November 26, 2003
The act of putting seran wrap over someone's (or your own) mouth and then defecating onto the seran wrap. I would like to point out that a previous post claiming that "nearly everyone else is wrong" was correct except for one thing. He mentioned a rusty trombone being the act of going ass to mouth. A rusty trombone is eating out the asshole of a dude while whacking him off from the other side, giving the sound of a *bllpp blaap bllp."
"They call him Dan, but his real name should be Hot Carl."
"Why is that?"
"Because that's what he pays all the hookers to do to him."
"That's sad."
"No, that's fucking hot!"
#hot #carl #seran #trombone #non-shit sex
by theslish March 07, 2010
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