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A half ounce (14g) of ANY illicit drug. Usually used describing weed or cocaine amounts.
G-money-"I just got my issue today mayne"

Killerfred-"how much you got nigga?"

G-money-"just a half-o, lets get crackin"
by Shweetbox July 16, 2005
To toungejack is to lick maddly with intent to destroy or arouse. Toungjacking is usally done to coochies, cooters, or to the shitbox.
My girl wanted me to toungejack her shitbox, but i wans't in the mood for that shit.
by Shweetbox July 15, 2005
Something that is of badass status. Usually used in place of coolnessand the like.
Did you see that pride fight last night? This dude had his arm broken before he got knocked the fuck out, pure badassary!
by Shweetbox August 02, 2005
To lick furiously with intent to stimulate or destroy. Usually tongue jacking is done to the asshole, cooter, or nuts.
My shitboxwas in need of an immidiate tonguejacking due to the massive load my boyfriend just blew on it.
Also see...toungejack.
by Shweetbox July 16, 2005
A person who abuses/uses methamphetamine or any other form of stimulants. Usually characterized by uncannily sheisty behavior ending in felonies and loss of teeth.
"Damn, my lightbulb is missing again! Tweakfuck strikes AGAIN!"
by ShweetboX September 10, 2006
A cockgobblerin prime form. Usually characterized by insatiable appetite for dongs. May also refer to the act of cockgobbling.
Q"Whats your grilfriend gonna be for Halloween?"
A"A cockgobblin I hope"
by Shweetbox April 14, 2006
The NOUN crapcock is used many different ways. Usually used to strip another male of his manhood, similar to calling him a qeer. Also means, gay. Literally it describes a schlong that has recently been in a scrapsor, sadly, another males booty.

Can also be used to describe someone who derails a thread.
See spamcock.
"This crapcock keeps shitting all over my posts for no reason, what a spamcock fuckface!"
by Shweetbox April 14, 2006

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