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A stupid bitch who fucks with people's shit.
That mark ass trick just keyed my car!
You scuffed my shoe you mark ass trick.
That mark ass trick took my weed.
by sammy davis February 18, 2005
a bitch who things its alright to mess with one of your friends and lie about it
yo shoundra told me my girl slept with my hommie . i fucken called her up and said bitch you aint nothing but a mark ass trick ajtd
by zacarr July 08, 2012
a homosexual that sell his or her self for money
Hey!Seyha you markass trick go back to your corner and make me some money!
by john October 03, 2004
Bitches messin with R's shit
These mark ass tricks is putting up some bullshit away messages on R's computer
by dat nigga bo vice December 03, 2008
from chappel show, a term that is used for disrespect or to make fun of
some mark ass trick just stepped on my sneakers
by ay dog ay June 09, 2005
16-20 year old girls who listen to soulja boy and actually believe that super manning a ho consists of ejaculating on her back and then putting sheets on her.
you're just a mark ass trick!
by murphy123456789 November 14, 2007
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