verb: When you have eaten a large meal and you belch partially regurgitating the contents of your stomach to your throat.

noun: the above mentioned contents se also hork wad
I need a drink of water, I just horked and it didn't taste so good. Definitely better going down than coming up.
by budgieramone January 13, 2004
Top Definition
1. v
to quickly eat.

2. v
to vomit or belch in a manner like that of vomiting.

3. n

4. v
to steal or pilfer, usually pertaining to items of little value.

5. v
screw up, make dysfunctional

6. v
to sell (a bastardization of *hawk*)

6. v
do (can mean essentially anything)
i horked it down, then i horked it back up. then he horked my hork, and horked it to this guy who was totally horked up. then i horked my sister
by akary May 22, 2005
v. to steal something, though not usually applicable to shoplifting or grand theft.
I turned around for five minutes and someone horked my pepsi from the fridge at work.
by aksarah August 24, 2003
1. To vomit.
2. The summoning of phlegm, in preparation for spitting.
"My cat horked a big hairball on the sofa"

"John horked up a loogie and spit it at Jessica."
by Warrior Queen August 01, 2003
To take, without asking, something that if you would have asked, the answer would have been yes.

Note: This is a slang expression popularized by Bob & Doug MacKenzie's Strange Brew Soundtrack album
Literal usage: "I horked a beer from your fridge."

Common usage: "Can I hork a pencil?"

Note: the common usage is ironic, because you are asking when the definition involves not asking.
by DorgonE May 13, 2010
To eat in a greedy and expedient manner. v.,adv.; hork, horked, horking
1)I horked all the cookies so I didn't have to share.

2)I've only got 5 minutes to hork down this sandwich before heading back to the condom factory.
by Chochal April 11, 2008
Verb: to take something from someone,usually without physical force, but with a confidence bordering on arrogance.

(to hork, from the French horque)

My big brother horked my Redline and jumped it into a pond.
by alohatroy January 17, 2009
to throw, screw up, break, yank, spit, spit on, or throw up on
I horked the thing too hard, and now it's horked. So I horked it against the wall and then horked on it.
by bobbymcbobbob January 13, 2012
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