1. It's a pig that whores around a lot.
2. A typo.
3. me
Roger you're such a stupid hork!
by I ♥ Wet Cats August 26, 2014
The act of smoking marijuana.
Brent, Bryce, Wes and Tom are going to go out to hork a big one.
by Finalform October 21, 2009
to steal
you horked my balogna.
by alpha mu December 13, 1999
the sound of a sloppy blowjob
She was horking really loudly last night; it was such a turnoff.
by Alma Beeches December 04, 2012
Computer related professional slang term;
1. when the computer application you are developing or testing is no longer working as expected.
2. when the server is no longer responding (not application related)
"Okay-this application is completely horked; who changed the code???"

(when a server doesn't respond) "I think the server is horked..."
by Breecifer February 21, 2006
to speak roughly or basely
to talk like an ignoramus
He horked orders to the other rednecks.
by writergirl88 July 14, 2011
To spit by first gathering saliva in the mouth with a slight exhale thus producing a sound like 'hork' as this is done.
Goddamn! That son-of-a-bitch horked all over my Cheetos!
by Brian Romanjuk December 20, 2006
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