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puke, vommit, barf, etc
Who smells like freaking porpoise hork?
by Futurama Kix Ass May 30, 2005
To whore one's food or beverage in a hoglet type manner
Rich just horked my tasty beverage!
by Rich Connor March 04, 2003
to vomit =barf, ralph, throw up
I felt so sick I though I was going to hork.
by Light Joker November 19, 2004
To be mad or pissed off.
What?! You have to work late again? That really horks me off! Or: I am really horked at my girlfriend. She broke my favorite coffee mug.
by Unkle Arnie October 31, 2003
a sexual manuever involving two males and one female. The female situates herself between the two males on her hands and knees. Takes one male in the mouth, the other in either the ass or pussy. At some surprise moment the two males who are facing each other grab hands and pull towards one another, the female involuntarily makes the noise "hoork!" The two males then laugh and high five thus completing the hork.
We gave thatgirl a hork
by Skibbles May 07, 2006
v. To eat something quickly, or to eat a large quantity of something.
I was so hungry after working out, I horked three hot pockets and a soda.
by zira February 15, 2005
To suck something up your nose so that you can either:
A- have it come out one of your nostrils
B- have it come out of your mouth
Steve-O horked on a worm
by Evil Tim October 12, 2003