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To mess something up
If you click the virus infected file, you will HORK the computer.
by Fred G January 29, 2005
10 24
Quickly eaten.
Let's hurry and hork down this pizza so we won't be late for the show.
by Corey October 24, 2002
7 22
The process of coughing up phlegm in order to spit.
Jim was going to hork a loogie.
by Justin May 01, 2002
13 28
v. horked, horking, horker, horkage
1. To consume rapidly
2. To take in excess
(also spelled "horck")
I just horked down a pound of cheddar cheese, and now I'm going to vomit.
by arghizella August 13, 2004
12 28
To laugh while consuming food or beverage, expelling said consumable out one's nose
I was reading a post on the message board, and I horked pepsi out my nose, it was so funny!
by July Cleaver April 07, 2006
15 32
to violently throw-up.
I drank some sangria and chowed on spagetti then horked it all up.
by kinjison November 22, 2004
8 25
puke, vommit, barf, etc
Who smells like freaking porpoise hork?
by Futurama Kix Ass May 30, 2005
4 23