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To mess something up
If you click the virus infected file, you will HORK the computer.
by Fred G January 29, 2005
Quickly eaten.
Let's hurry and hork down this pizza so we won't be late for the show.
by Corey October 24, 2002
The process of coughing up phlegm in order to spit.
Jim was going to hork a loogie.
by Justin May 01, 2002
v. horked, horking, horker, horkage
1. To consume rapidly
2. To take in excess
(also spelled "horck")
I just horked down a pound of cheddar cheese, and now I'm going to vomit.
by arghizella August 13, 2004
To laugh while consuming food or beverage, expelling said consumable out one's nose
I was reading a post on the message board, and I horked pepsi out my nose, it was so funny!
by July Cleaver April 07, 2006
to violently throw-up.
I drank some sangria and chowed on spagetti then horked it all up.
by kinjison November 22, 2004
puke, vommit, barf, etc
Who smells like freaking porpoise hork?
by Futurama Kix Ass May 30, 2005