A car that tends to be older often with an addition of shiny rims and a lowering of the suspension. Car is driven with windows down and a motion being made of lowering and raising a flat outstretched hand. Yea.
You wanna ride in my hooptie, its the shiznit!
by Huggie Bear June 29, 2002
Not just an old american rust bucket P.O.S. car, but any ride that is slightly lees than pimp. A hooptie is any vehicle which was once nice in its heyday, but is now past its prime. Hooptie is a statement of pride, not deragatory in any way.
Man, that old boat is ridiculous! Its the hooptiest thing on the lake!
by Captain May 26, 2004
Broke down ass piece of shit car that yall dawgs b tryin to ride up in thinkin the lookin pimped wen they aint.
Look at that hooptie jermaine b ridin in, he can't hit this badonkadonk while thats the piece of shit he tryin to stunt.
by urpussy November 20, 2005
(Hoop-D) DC term for ANY big, long AMERICAN automobile, preferably a GM car (Cadi, Chevy etc); MUST have tinted windows so the cops can't see what your smokin, MUST have a system, MUST have rims that cost more than the car itself, usually occupied by either blacks, hispanics or both.
Nuff said. Go REDSKINS
by Kung Fu Rick November 02, 2003
a hollow peice of glass or metal used to ingest crack cocaine. usually containing chore boy.
this shits wearing off pass me that hooptie.
by jimmanthapinkerton March 21, 2009
a slut, hooker, trashy man/woman, and/or whore always looking for drunken ass/cock.
hookers, man whores, bitches and hoes are considered hoopties.
by mallory, phally, and nick November 08, 2008
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