An older American car that was once upscale but is now only driven by destitute niggers or mexicans. The primary identifier of a hooptie is that both the hood and the trunk are longer than the passenger compartment. Since all the shocks were worn out 17 years ago, all that excess weight in the ends of the car tend to make it sort of pitch and roll a lot.
1977 Mercury Monarch,
Cadillac Eldorado... all of 'em.
by Li'l Scottie July 27, 2005
Well if a hooptie is any saturn ever sold..then I have had one sitting there broken down forever!!!! HELP!! I need another hooptie that works!!! I will pay $50 or less...let me know!
My pice of shyt saturn that has been sitting there for ages broken down and rotting.
by Vero March 14, 2004
There is a girl in Beaver County, PA that doesn't brush her teeth every day and she doesn't have health insurance or the internet. She drives a beat 89 cavalier and she is allways in faded jeans, sneakers and a hoody. I cant resist her cause i know i can get her. And she looks sooo good in a certain way. Please help me with this one guys, I know you know her...
"Aww dude check her out... look at that ass. Maybe she'd be into me if i put a new cd player in her car." Says Aaron. "Naww dude, shes a hooptie. Why dont you call that Brittany girl back?" Replied Diesel.
by HoopyLove November 29, 2004
1. Missing someone tremendously
2. Sexually yearning or sprung; unable to cope without a signficant other's presence
I haven't seen my boyfriend at all this weekend...I am soooo hooptie!!
by Santiago February 20, 2004
This is the one and only true definition of hooptie.

Hooptie: A term describing the bum.
I betcha she likes it in the Hooptie.
Check out the sweety Hooptie on that one!!!
by Rascock April 24, 2004
Any car that the owner has spent more money on trying to spice it up than it is worth. If you come to Fresno, California, you will see an '83 Corolla with $2,000 rims or...or...HAHAHA! You will see a '94 Geo Metro with a $4,000 paint job and $3,000 rims I recently procured in a race because he thought it was fast.
A prime example of a hooptie would be an '89 Ford Probe with $5,000 worth of accessories or almost any Honda.
by Headman July 13, 2005

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