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Radio controlled racing, involving airplanes, cars, trucks and boats.
RC racing is a very fun hobby that anyone can do. There are tracks all over the nation.
by HolmWrecker March 31, 2003
Referring to Radio Control planes, cars, trucks and boats.
by HolmWrecker March 31, 2003
Any small clip, retainer, pin or similar device when a person has no idea what to call it.
'Dang it, I lost that framitz that holds this thing together.'
Or, See that thing there...no, there..That's a framitz.
by HolmWrecker March 31, 2003
A 1/10 scale, radio controlled, nitro powered, four wheel drive monster truck.
Dude, what motor you running in your T-Maxx?
by HolmWrecker March 31, 2003
Referring to very good traction when racing cars.
My car is hooked in the corners.
by HolmWrecker March 31, 2003
Refers to Nitromethane fuel. As is used in some racing engines and radio controlled, two stroke glow engines used in planes, cars and trucks.
I need to lower my nitro percentage to get quicker laps at this track.
by HolmWrecker March 31, 2003

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