this means to make out, thats it

on aim, also stated as "hu"

another word used, if ur retarted, is mack
Did u guys hook up last night?

Yeah yo, we hooked up til the crack o dawn.


Yo man, we macked all night.
by AT THE PLAYPLACE February 23, 2009
casual anonymous sex: One night stand.
"John was online last night trying to hookup"
by Jaysin July 15, 2005
To make out with someone other than a significant other, probably for the first time with this person.
Jess totally hooked up with the guy sitting next to her on the plane out of Vegas!
by Zanna May 21, 2005
To provide illegal drugs to someone without charging a handler's fee. (i.e. if one can get an eight of marijuana for 20 bucks, one would then sell it to one's friends for the same price, hooking them up)
You can get schwag for 15$ an eighth? Woah dude, hook me up!
by Greg August 07, 2003
when someone hooks you up with a chicken strip dinner.
hey bucky whore we need a major hook up tonight with seasoned fries, chicken strips, and mozzarella sticks, with some hot sauce on the side.
by Daniel shaw May 20, 2008
A dealer you mainly rely on.
Yeah dawg hes my main hook-up.
by Korey Herndon June 18, 2004
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