A sterotypical "no strings attached" kind of thing. Mainly occurs at parties, sometimes spontaneous, more times than others though brought up earlier through conversation or texting. Not completely random, but typically the only people who would hook up with eachother are sex crazed men and easy girls. Talked of highly, which it really is looked down upon by others behind their backs. Usually the two people do not continue conversation with each other after "hooking up" either making out, touching, feeling, sex, anything sexual. Done in private or in public.
LIAM: *texing* hey baby, you wanna hook up at that party tonight? no one will care
ANGIE: okay, cant wait;)
by thatdood1 February 10, 2012
plural of hook-up
"Let me talk to my hook-ups."
by deathtobees February 18, 2004
When two people sit in the same car seat. Seat warmers may or may not be involved.
Did you and him hook up last night?

by palmarryme November 22, 2011
The thing you do or want to do with that cute friend your sister has over allot that's a year younger than you, or maybe it's the freshman that sits across from you on the bus and you feel her eyes on your ass or maybe she's your bosses new secretary...you know who I'm talking about... the tan one with the nice ass that sits there and plays with her hair in a seductive manner and looks at you 1/2 second longer than anyone else, quiet, mysterious, and seductive probably thinking of some dirty things. When no ones around you draw blanks on what to say and you play the "let's not get caught looking at each other" game. You both want to have ridiculously rough sex in a very kinky way but don't for some obvious reasons.
Dean: who do you like Tim?
Tim: idk but there's this girl in my study hall that I want to Hook up with. I can feel her seductive eyes on me.
Dean: your weird sometimes man....
Tim: nah she wants my cock brah
by CTU_FieldAgent200 November 01, 2010
Something hookers do.
1. I hooked up with Jenny last night and it was the bomb!
2. Are you planning to hook up with Mary tonight? *elbows friend*
by NewandCool October 14, 2014
A hook up is a large concoction of food made in either prison or jail, with items provided by the jails commisary (made/eaten aside from the 3 meals the institution provides you). usually couple packs of ramen noodles. cook em, drain em, add chips or cheetos and a packet or 2 of Cactus Annies chelese squeeze. mix it all up. (also add "Lil Dudes", or pepperoni or summer sausage. Making Sandwitches out of this noodle conconction is very common. Usually only made or consumed when your in Jail/Prison from their commisary.
"yo n*gga i got 2 soups and a lil dude, u wanna get some chips and cheese and make a Hook-up?, that lunch was nasty"
by bansheebot129 March 07, 2013
having sex with someone or pashing someone
ive had so many hook-ups i cant even remember who i lost my virginity to.
by ya mom November 18, 2006

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