to hook up means in colloquial london terms, to have sex with or get with someone without the intention of seeing them again, or having a relationship, it is generally frowned upon
john; i hook up with anna last night
jack; oh nice one mate
by anonmymous13252363652 January 02, 2011
"Intentionally Ambiguous" - literally
Phrase is intentionally misused when talking about the relationship between two people.
Jack and Jan hooked up yesterday.
by JMCI June 25, 2005

1- to kiss passionately
2- to french kiss
3- to give a blowjob
4- to have sex
1- a 13 year old might say, we hook up, meaning they basically just kissed
2- a 15 year old might say, we hook up, meaning they french kissed
3- a 16 year old might say, i hook up with (name), meaning she gave him a blowjob
4- an 18 year old might say, i hook up with (name), meaning they had sex.
by kvg10377 September 01, 2010
something thats fun, but can lead to misunderstanding and broken hearts.
I hooked up with him a few times but apparently we aren't gonna go out.
by beenusedafewtimes March 09, 2005
to make out with someone.
meghan and hunter were gonna hook up last night at the party but she decided she didnt want to seam like a slut.
by ... :) ... October 04, 2010
the act of making out with someone...this was the old school term for those who are about 18 years of age as of 2010. Newer generations refer to hooking up as sex or some sexual intercourse.
1. Me and Jim were going to hook up last night at the party...but I found out he was a bad kisser.

2. Me and Jim were going to hook up back at my place last went down and was awesome yo.
by hookitup February 16, 2010
Tonsil hockey. The BEGINNING (tongue to tongue) or ADVANCED (tongue to guy's "hockey stick") way. If one thing leads to another, hooking up can result in EXPERT tonsil hockey which means the male's "hockey stick" thrusts itself into the female's "goal post." SCORE!
When Ben and Zakira decided to "hook up," one thing lead to another, and Ben scored!
by sting1234 March 18, 2009
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