Used mainly in the streets of Thunder Bay, "hooks" means to give or to "hook you up" with something.
Stoner 1: Man, hooks me a d. (Dart/Cigarette)
Stoner 2: Nah man, let's go blaze.
Stoner 1: Yee, that would be decey preems yoloswag xD
by IAmNotACat November 10, 2012
(1) A slang term used for the Chicago based gang Vice Lords used by the Chicago based Gangsta Disciples. HOOK means "Hater of Our King" whom is refering to the GD's founder Larry Hoover.

That bitch ass HOOK best get out of Caprini Green.
by GD 4 Life August 27, 2007
Reliable drug dealer with desirable product.
My new hook on the west side serves molly, boomers, tabs and fire nuggets for cheap.
by da_infamous_cole April 26, 2009
1. (n) A hot girl.
2. (n) A bitchy girl.
3. (n) A friend who is being less than cool.
4. (v) To ask for an object.
5. (n) Can be used in place of any noun.
6. (adj) When something is crazy fun.
1&6. Damn, look at all the hooks in the club. They're off the hook!
2. She was being suck a hook last night. Wouldn't stop bitching.
3. Don't be such hook, you hook.
4. Hook it hook.
5. Yeah, what a freakin' hook. It's very hookish.
by Jackson, Jack July 08, 2006
From the streets of Winnipeg, short for the slang term "Hook Ups" or connections. Usually made in refernce to drugs or illicit merchandise.
You got any hooks? You know, hooks for the izz?
by Steph Normandeau January 14, 2005
having hook ups or access to something
man i need some killer, you got any hooks?

guy 1: how the fuck are we gunna get in here?
guy 2: don worry, i got hooks.
by Don Eval March 09, 2008
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