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this term can be used to define either one of two concepts:

a) in boxing, a hard, sharp, diagonal punch to your opponent's left side of the face with your left hand, when you are facing them, regardless of whether you yourself are actually right or left handed.

b) when 3 total strangers, a male and two females, sit in a row at a public place such a park bench or a city bus, the male sitting in between the two women, and the guy randomly decides to hook up with the woman sitting to his left.
two gentleman talking at a local bar after boxing practice:

guy a): you really annihilated Tony with that left hook of yours, which I really liked. Where did you learn your left hook anyways?

guy b): from Sherlock Holmes, of course, roflmao. Didn't you know that Sherlock Holmes was a great boxer, with one of the wickedest left hook to be found in Europe in his generation.
by Sexydimma January 27, 2012
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Saying a comeback out of no where, surprising them.
Uncle: why can't you don't it?
Mom: Why don't you get up and work for once?

Uncle: My mom left hook me this morning.

Friend: No way what she say?
by CoastingKidd July 07, 2015

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