to make something happen
Can I get a shot of your liquor?
- Hook it up nigga!
- Fo' sho!
by Dirty October 26, 2003
make it happen
about the goods for the party - my friend who works the streets said he could hook it up.
by matt October 23, 2003
Eng. Verb - To take one thing and physically connect it to another thing.
My television & VCR arrived from the electronic store, so I decided to "hook it up"!
by StiffNick November 01, 2003
to give someone something for free, such as concert tickets
Do you think you can hook it up with some 50 Cent tickets?
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
a phrase used when a fella is tryin to get a blowjob
hey baby, I got a fat ass blunt and a fifth a patron wontcha come hookitup
by Z.porno February 11, 2009
to share your resources or knowledge in attempt to allow opportunity.
can you hook it up with some bom?

translation: can you get or help me find a place to buy some weed.

hook it up with a drive.
translation: can i get a ride?

by SmileOrDie October 25, 2003
to help someone out
"yo loco hook it up with that hyna guey shes looking mad good esse"
by brotha October 23, 2003

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