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derives from the first letter of the word Surreno:Southern Gangster
Oralé (Esse) que haces.
#vato #surreno #homie #holmes #carnal
by DNMBLK December 22, 2009
a mexican version of the word "nigga". this only applies to mexicans.
"watup esse, so we chillin tonite homes?"

"i'ma cut u up esse, i'ma kill u fool"
by Klondike June 06, 2005
A Mexican version of essay. Your best bud for the dollar.
Hey esse. Please write my essay.
#dollars #esse #essay #mexican #bud
by booblover May 28, 2010
a mexican gangsta that is a southsider or a north sider
an esse reps for the south or north
#gangsta #cholo #southsider #northsider #mexican
by joker805 March 16, 2010
esse /ess-sá/ n. a male gangsta of Hispanic ethnicity
"Hey, que honda, esse? Whass wit' dat crazy sombrero, mang?"
by Jay January 19, 2003
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