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female, good looking girl, women, a guy's lady
" that vato's hyna looks good"
by traviesa December 18, 2003
1272 259
A hispanic slam term for a mexican female mostly used by Cholos (gangsters).
1. That hyna be looking good. 2.That hynas got a man.
by paige September 06, 2004
1026 366
A HOT chicana from the barrio keeping it real.
Damn look at that hyna.
by chispa April 20, 2006
810 378
gf,your lady, female
ayo puto thats my hyna
by MiZzPeBbLeS September 20, 2004
650 287
A ghetto, hispanic hot chick that looks like she rolls with some gangsters, but doesn't.
fuck there's hynas everywhere, shit someone heard me, run!!!!!!!
by jonathan December 23, 2003
323 716
A misspelling of hyena, often committed from writing or typing too quickly.
Yo, check out that hyna from the Lion King! I want a stuffed animal of it now!
by C_Los_eMinded September 10, 2006
244 975