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An extremely talented JA/JO player who lives somewhere in Canada. See Own or Gay.
1) Hoodwinker just owned me. 2) Hoodwinker is a Canadian bastard.
by Batman June 10, 2004
A derogatory term for a Freemason. Freemason initiations involve 'hoodwinking' or blindfolding the initiate, and telling him all kinds of hocus pocus. Thus, every Mason is a hoodwinker in turn.
Those hoodwinkers are having their pancake breakfast again down at the Masonic Temple.
by sternwise September 30, 2006
Pulling your car over to the side of the road to pee while pretending to be checking under the hood of your vehicle.
usually done on a highway where there is no rest areas or you just cant "hold it" any longer.
"hey bro pull over, i gotta whiz"
"right here on the interstate in broad daylight?"
"no problem, we'll just pull a hoodwinker"
by topsidejoe August 28, 2009
Barack <b>Hussein</b> Obama
Barack <b>Hussein</b> Obama, the master <strike>baiter</strike> hoodwinker, <strike>baited</strike> hoodwinked people who are constitutionally incapable of thinking for themselves, a.k.a. ObamaBots, into voting for him during the 2008 presidential primary election.
a blown out pussy that looks like kenny from southparks hood
that chick has a hoodwinker
by bob barker December 16, 2004
A less than trustworthy person who does shady business.
"That hoodwinker ripped me off on Craigslist!"
"Those hoodwinkers sold me a broke computer"
by TurnHereFreaks September 17, 2014
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