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One who sneaks into the background of a person or group of people posing for a picture, usually making a face or picking their nose, totally unbeknownst to the photographer.

Sometimes, the savvy photo-imposer will even squeeze in with a group of friends posing for a *guest phtographer.
Guy showing off pictures at work- "Here we are in New York, see the Statue of Liberty behind us?"
Co-worker- "Yeah, but whos that guy next to you scratching his nuts?"

Bill: Here we are at Joe's party, what a blast!
Dave: Who the hell is the guy next to you putting his tounge in your ear???
Bill: Damn photo-imposer, Janet said he grabbed her ass during the picture.
by topsidejoe September 17, 2007
Pulling your car over to the side of the road to pee while pretending to be checking under the hood of your vehicle.
usually done on a highway where there is no rest areas or you just cant "hold it" any longer.
"hey bro pull over, i gotta whiz"
"right here on the interstate in broad daylight?"
"no problem, we'll just pull a hoodwinker"
by topsidejoe August 28, 2009

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