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The biggest scam on the internet. People sell things and buy things through a billionaire's website. If you're a seller you get screwed, when a 'customer' buys an item, pays, and you send it to them. They file a claim that they never recieved it and Paypal jacks the money out of your account, even though they sent the item out already. If you're a customer, you buy something from a 'seller' and send them your money, and you never get what you pay for, or its all broken, used, a piece of shit, or ruined, or something worse than anything you could buy at a garage sale or the Salvation Army.
"I got ripped off on ebay."
by sternwise October 01, 2006
A conservative talk show host who took over for Art Bell when he 'retired.' He has the intelligence of a gnat, and has written a cheesy book "Secrets of the Universe" or something or other, and peddles his parnormal idiocy at night to scare people into becoming neocons.
George Noory is on the air at 11 PM/1 AM depending on where you live, and most often interviews phony psychics.
by sternwise September 30, 2006
In the spring of 2001, in New Delhi India, people began to report strange sightings and attacks of a 'monkey-man.'The police released a corny cartoonish sketch of the monkey-like attacker, who 'had claws for hands,' and went about jumping around the streets and alleys attacking innocent people as they slept. Fear and paranoia struck New Delhi as hundreds of reports came in about monkey-man attacks. Neighbors formed vigilante groups, the police formed a special unit, and politicians accused pakistan of sending a robot spy. All of this took place, reported on CNN, ABC, NBC, and David Letterman even had a top ten list about the nefarious Monkey-Man of India. People actually died. People were injured, but to this day, nobody really knows what 'monkey-man' really was. Later police, after taking part in the hysteria themselves, declared Monkey-Man a hoax.
The Monkey Man is coming, the Monkey Man is coming!
by sternwise September 30, 2006
The collective nickname for three characters in the X-Files, Melvin Frohike, Richard Ringo Langly and John Fitzgerald Byers. Three computer hacking geeks who publish the fictitious newsletter, called the "Lone Gunmen." Originally their newsletter was called "The Magic Bullet," but for some reason it was changed in the show. A positive term instead of 'conspiracy nut.' The Lone Gunmen were dissident heroes who fought government corruption and conspiracy. Soon, very soon, anyone who admits a liking of this television series will be arrested and tortured under the new law voted on by congress and the senate, where anyone who even speaks critically of any action of the government can be imprisoned, tortured and 'detained' forever without trial, evidence or charge. Welcome to the New World Order.

n. plural - Conspiracy nut, conspiracy freak, conspiracy theorist, conspiracy geek, conspiratologist.
That Alex Jones is like one of the Lone Gunmen, always talking about conspiracies.
by sternwise September 30, 2006
deragatory term for U.N. Peacekeepers. A Skin is a lizard with a blue tail, thus the Blue Helmeted peacekeepers are referred to as 'skinks.'
The skinks just got sent into Lebanon.
by sternwise September 30, 2006
Detective Bob Giebelhouse in the television series coined the phrase. It refers to something which is disturbingly portentous, foreboding, a crime with undertones referring possibly to a coming apocalypse, or evidence of it. 1.Something "Frank Black" would investigate.
2.Something the "Millennium Group" would be interested in.
3.A crime which seems to have overtones of the occult, or the apocalypse.
"This case seems Millenniumistic."
by sternwise September 30, 2006
A slingadoober is a thing which is seen peripherally out of the corner of your eye which you cannot describe. Not to be confused with eyeworms or floaters.
I turned and thought I saw one of those slingadoobers.
by sternwise December 22, 2006
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