marijuana old people used to say but know its funny again
i go t all hoped up on that hooch
by December 04, 2002
Cocaine. A delicious white powder from the altiplano of South America. Especially good when combined with booze.
Yo blee, let's go do some hooch and smush!
by Prof. Bleesome December 14, 2003
Term used to sexually harrass girls in health movies.
Whatsup, hooch? *points*
by Emmmiiiilllyyy October 24, 2004
bubzy the english bluh-e hewer
Bubzy is such a hooch!
by TehBadBitch September 07, 2004
A girl who comes to your city from out of town and promises you action, but then doesn't even have the gaul to kiss you!
Man that Laura is so amazing and hot and wild sexy, to bad shes a hooch!
by John Quade July 12, 2005

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