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An adjective referring to someone who is a "hooch", not to be confused with the name of a dog, or the word "hoochie", or "hoochiemama". Usually followed my an exclamation mark or series of exclamation marks. Used when verbally addressing an annoying or stupid person who is constantly at your house and eating all of your food. Also see FDK.
1."Shut the damn door hooch!"

2."Quit makin' a fuckin' mess hooch!"

by Dylan Sanders April 14, 2008
6 11
A very attractive woman from Co.Waterford Ireland.
Your lack is some hooch", "i wish she was more of a hooch","hey hoochy".
by justbog June 02, 2010
0 8
A game played by a small minority in Australia, where you have to spot yellow cars. Who evers sees the car first yells Hooch!

No point to the game, But is good entertainment when traveling
*yellow car drives past*

Person 1: HOOCH!!
Person 2: Dam!
by Anonymous-Jimbob October 29, 2007
5 13
A small, hutlike dwelling.
When I was stationed in Korea, I lived in a drafty hooch near Seoul.
by Kyle Kaker March 11, 2003
48 57
a hot ass pussy nigga
damn nigga that girl's hooch was tight as shit so my dick was all like oooo nigga THIS FUCKIN HOOCH IS TIGHT!
by bitchplease19 May 21, 2009
4 15
The only sweetest thing in the world? otherwise, vagina
Who got the Hooch? baby, Who got the only sweetest thing in the world?
by tyler rilm April 10, 2007
46 57
a fucken bitch who wont give u head when you ask her too
why wont the hooch give me fucking dome
by pimp dog December 13, 2007
5 28