Something that smells
That cat poo absolutely hooches!
by vaginaboob93 January 12, 2011
hooch is seriously crazy!
"who else thinks they're faster than me!!?"

by dangerdoom November 23, 2007
A game played by a small minority in Australia, where you have to spot yellow cars. Who evers sees the car first yells Hooch!

No point to the game, But is good entertainment when traveling
*yellow car drives past*

Person 1: HOOCH!!
Person 2: Dam!
by Anonymous-Jimbob October 29, 2007
A small, hutlike dwelling.
When I was stationed in Korea, I lived in a drafty hooch near Seoul.
by Kyle Kaker March 11, 2003
A very attractive woman from Co.Waterford Ireland.
Your lack is some hooch", "i wish she was more of a hooch","hey hoochy".
by justbog June 02, 2010
The only sweetest thing in the world? otherwise, vagina
Who got the Hooch? baby, Who got the only sweetest thing in the world?
by tyler rilm April 10, 2007
a hot ass pussy nigga
damn nigga that girl's hooch was tight as shit so my dick was all like oooo nigga THIS FUCKIN HOOCH IS TIGHT!
by bitchplease19 May 21, 2009
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