Alcoholic Beverage; Hard Liquor
Sara was acting crazy, she was on that hooch again.
by notoriousjpz May 18, 2005
this is the male version of a hoochie momma.

The hooch acts very loud, loves attention and is a little ghetto
Claudia- OMG you are a hooch
Mike- NO! you are a hoochie momma not me!

Girl: look at that guy walking around with his ghetto booty, he's such a hooch
#hoochie momma #ghetto #ratchet #hotmess #male #new jersey
by yomommalovesme August 22, 2013
The clear liquid that rises to the top of sourdough starter when allowed to sit for more than a week or two. Supposedly alcoholic and used by prospectors in the Yukon as a cheap beverage when away from a store.
Don't touch my hooch; get your own.
#sourdough #prospector #starter #biscuits #bread
by Namo ten Gam December 18, 2006
an alcoholic drink typically made from things that are best described as rancid and fermented in an old boot under a prison cell bunk.It smells bad enough to kill flies and burns like drinking hydrocloric acid and only takes a teaspoon to knock a 6 ft 4 in 320 lb man out cold. In certain middle eastern countries it can be made from camel piss mixed with three day old apple juice box drippings and spoiled grape jelly fermented and packaged in Gulfa brand water bottles
hey Joe you have any of that hooch left?
by desertskwerl May 19, 2016
A female who acts very slutty around men. Usually sleeping with them, or making some sort of sexual advances. A man can also be "hoochy"
Rebecca is a hooch, she was basically shoving her hand down his pants! at dinner!
#whore #skank #tronned #nasty #hoe
by laceyfacey April 26, 2009
Exuberant, young personalities, creating success through dynamic news feed software.
There's a Hooch inside all of us.
#creative #innovative #dynamic news feed #vibrant #dynamic
by Steve PIZ August 31, 2013
An adjective referring to someone who is a "hooch", not to be confused with the name of a dog, or the word "hoochie", or "hoochiemama". Usually followed my an exclamation mark or series of exclamation marks. Used when verbally addressing an annoying or stupid person who is constantly at your house and eating all of your food. Also see FDK.
1."Shut the damn door hooch!"

2."Quit makin' a fuckin' mess hooch!"

#hoochie #stupid #dumb #annoying #mooch #fat kids #friday night blue baby club
by Dylan Sanders April 14, 2008
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