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A place the creepy preppy people that think they're tough go to buy pre ripped jeans for $60.
FYI: rips come from natural wear and tear not scissors.
and dont try to convince people that they ripped when the hole in in the middle of your shin.
OMG i totally like bought these ripped jeans at like Hollister and like my daddy totally wouldn't buy them so i was like a rebel and like took his credit card. I'm like so tough.
by weirdgothchick April 10, 2007
Hollister is a preppy southern california looking store that sells every color clothing except black. Sells, ripped/vintage clothing, and is owned by Abercrombie, but targeted at people between the ages of 15-21.
I just got these new jeans from Hollister, and they're ripped, but I love them!
by Blaine May 24, 2005
Garanimals for teenagers. A dark musky dump you go to to buy pre ripped and patched up jeans and shirts made in a sweat shop out in the middle of nowhere. Commonly found in crappy malls throughout places like Jersey. Hollister is for asshole kids who just want to fit in and look like a smacked ass. Hollister can be smelled before you see it. It is the store that every Non-Suburbanite Citizen avoids passing by so that their eyes don't burn while on the way to do Christmas shopping.
Unfortunately, I had to pass by a Hollister while Chrismas shopping and now my eyes and nose are bleeding because It smells like a cheap Whore.
by FromPhillyWitWizz April 01, 2011
1. A brand owned by A&F that markets to 14-17 year olds whos parents have more money than sense. Although they sell "California" inspired clothing, nobody in California wears that shit, and it's based out of Columbus, OH.

2. A high priced retail store who's clithing is made in Indonesia, Philipines and other countries for pennies on the dollar, and are resold from $30 to $65.
(enter prep guys name here: dillon, cameron, etc.) - Hey Kyle, my attorney father gave me is american express with no limit, wanna go to Hollister?
Kyle - Yes! I think Kelsey and Tiffany are working, maybe we can get a discount!
by turbo'd_bird August 09, 2010
Is an offshoot of Abercrombie & Fitch that sells California-inspired apparel to 14-18 year olds. Hollister’s clothing is similar to A&F’s but is less expensive and more beach/surfer.
Look at these great outfits I got at Hollister they were way cheaper than A&F !
by bored2121 July 31, 2005
A clothing brand worn mostly by pretentious teenagers who have never been to Southern California, let alone gone surfing. Yet somehow, wearing Hollister makes them look "cool" even though they're A)Ugly and/or B)Have bodies that are horribly out of shape.
OMG! That fat chick with the zits looks HAWT in that Hollister top! I gotta shop Hollister so I can be cool just like her!
by Shenehneh August 11, 2008
The store in the mall where gay men and airhead blondes go to shop. Only white people should go in the store, or else u will be followed the whole time you're in there. The requirements to shop there are: being anorexic and a slut, having your daddie's credit card, and saying the word "like" or "OMG!" after ever other word you say.
LiKe OmG! hey lets go shop at hollister! Its effin awesome! OmG!
by heyberenice! July 17, 2008