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A company that sells surfer themed clothing. To all of the people that say, "people who wear Hollister have probably never been to a beach before, I'm a real surfer" Listen, their is no such thing as a "real" surfer. If you surf a lot, your a surfer. Now if you shop at Hollister, and you surf then that doesn't make you any less of a surfer. Hell, I can shop at Wal-mart and surf and still be a surfer. People are stupid fucks. Thinking that only real surfers wear hurley, billabong, and volcom. HA! They have a logo or brand stamped on their clothes too. As long as I still have the skills on the board, who gives a fuck where I stop at. Just take some time to think about that, and you'll see what I mean. Dumb asses.
(Guy wearing Hurley)- Hey kook, your not a surfer. Your wearing hollister.

(Guy wearing Hollister)- Well, bring out your board and ride those waves, and then we'll see who's the real surfer.

(Guy wearing Hurley)- I don't have a board.

(Guy wearing Hollister)- Exactly.
by SouthernCaliforniaSURFERBOY December 27, 2008

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