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Hollister is a "preppy" store which opened its doors in 2000, in the Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. Its parent company is Abercrombie. Hollister clothing is known to be cheaper than AF, mainly because the first Hollisters were taking all profits away from Abercrombie (this is called "cannibilism").

Hollister, or HCO, embodies a laid-back Californian lifestlye. They haved ranked top in Teens' Top Clothing Brands.

Logos: SoCal, a seagull, HCO

Fictional story: Hollister claims to be founded by J.M. Hollister in the 1920s.

Hollister is infamous for their clever advertising tatics. They print their name on the clothing, thus subtley (or not so much -_-)spreading word about Hollister.

Their stores are often made to mimic a beach party. They are dark, reeking of prefume, and loud. Lounge chairs and magazines are provided.

Well known for wrinkly/destroyed jeans.

Aimed at the pre-teen to early teen population.
I got this tee shirt at Hollister the other day.
by Origami September 10, 2008
An individual who despises Abercrombie for their lack of originality.
Lei Fang, an Abercrombie Hater, loathed the invidious feces-pile known as Abercrombie and Fitch.
by Origami September 29, 2008

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