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Is an offshoot of Abercrombie & Fitch that sells California-inspired apparel to 14-18 year olds. Hollister’s clothing is similar to A&F’s but is less expensive and more beach/surfer. Stores are usually dark and feature loud blaring music. A great place to find the latest in faded and torn denim.
Look at these great outfits I got at Hollister they were way cheaper than A&F !
by bored2121 August 28, 2005
First I just want to say if people have nothing to do then bash Aeropostale then maybe you should go get a life. Second how can you say Aeropostale is a store for prep wannabes when that’s basically what A&F and AE are. Although you can find many preppy items at these stores they are not preppy. The real prep brands are Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, IZOD, Lily Pulitzer, Brooks Brothers, Patagonia, etca. Being preppy is not going to Abercrombie and buying a $40 XS shirt that makes you look like a skank it’s about dressing nicely and being classic and conservative. Aeropostale is just another teen retailer that sells stylish clothes for good prices.
Aeropostale is a clothing store for teens that offers good quality and style for lower prices than A&F and AE.
by bored2121 July 07, 2005
American Eagle Outfitters or AE sells highly trendy clothes targeted at the lucrative teenage population. American Eagle's clothing is usually (I'm saying usually because of course you have the girls who buy like a small when they are a large) less slutty than some of the items you would find at Abercrombie. AE is a great place to find stylish jeans and vintage tees. As an added bonus they always have a great sales rack!
Becka: OMG how much were those awesome jeans?
Alyssa: U won't believe it I got them for $15 on clearance at American Eagle!
Becka: OMG! What a totally great deal!
by bored2121 December 20, 2005
AE is the shortened name of American Eagle. AE is widely popular with teenagers and you can find the usual staples such as faded jeans and vintage tees. American Eagle is often compared to Abercrombie due to their similar products, although AE is less expensive and more conservative.
Becka: Look at these cute jeans I got at AE!
Ashley: OMG! So cute and I bet they were cheaper than Abercrombie
Becka: U know it!
by bored2121 October 29, 2005
HCO is the shortened name of Hollister a trendy teen retailer that has a West Coast theme and slightly cheaper prices than A&F. Hollister is owned by Abercrombie and caters to 14-25 year olds.
Wow HCO has awesome clothes! OMG only $59.50 for these jeans thats $20 less than the pair I got at A&F!
by bored2121 December 20, 2005
Torrington could be described as a run down ghetto with some nice middle class neighbrhoods and a few wealthy upper class neighborhoods/ developments. The "city" of Torrington has several dumpy plazas and strip malls along with the lack of any significant nightlife coupled with hardly any restaurants ! Unless you consider McDonalds and Burger King your restaurant of choice ! The closure of several major firms has left Torrington's local econamy stagnating and several other major manufacturers and retailers are considering leaving the area. The average income is around $40,000 and the population is around 35,000 and growing. Thankfully you can meet a lot of citizens who make more than $40,000 and live the lifestyle of most Americans !
Becka: U wanna go shopping in Torrington ?
Ashley: Omg no that crappy ass ghetto ?
Becka: Don't worry my cousin lives in a Gated Development there so don't worry bout getting mugged !
by bored2121 April 06, 2005
A rewards program created by Hollister that is used to reward their customers. Club Cali starts off with a Red card at the $0-$500 levels. Once a Red cardholder hits the $500 mark, Hollister will send them a personalized Gold Card, and when the $1000 level is reached, Gold becomes Platinum. For every dollar you spend you recieve 1 point you can then cash out those points for autographed memorobilia from your favorite artists such as The Killers.
Woohoo ! My Gold Club Cali card got upgraded to a Platinum card !
by bored2121 December 20, 2005
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