A cheap Abercrombie and Fich. so if you dont have the money to buy it from A&F go to hollister. they look exactly the same and has the same quality. the only thing different is the little logo on the shirts. abercrombie is the moose and hollister is the bird. but dont get it mixed up with american eagle.
nugget:"where did you get those jeans?"
iszy:"hollister. arent they cute?? i only got them for $20! they were on sale"
nugget:"oh really? wow i thot they were from a&f and would cost like $75"
by veeyun December 16, 2007
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a store that should not make clothes over the size of a medium (although some mediums arent fit for some of their clothes either) because then fat girls wear hollister jeans (which are extremely low-cut) and then their butt-crack hangs out of the back & their rolls fall out the top.
ok, so even MY crack is hanging out of these hollister jeans & i wear a 0. no wonder the fat girls always have such a bad muffin top!
by littlemissme:] March 14, 2010
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popular store originated in california.
started as a store for "preps" but has now become popular for the "scene kids."
Let's go to Hollister
by ykkyn November 09, 2007
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a teenager (male or female) that enjoys watching jersey shore, fist pumping, and thinks they're cool but aren't.

usually poses in pictures with a bottle of vex in one hand, tongue sticking out, eyes shut, and rock star sign in the air with their other hand.
usually considered popular in their school but everyone hates them secretly.

usually the rich white kids, although one Asian girl travels in the pack, along with a black boy.

they wear shorts that are so short you can see the pockets hanging out, and bathing suits that have beer names written on it.

the girls in the Hollister group are usually considered slu's
girl "oh my god i hate the Hollisters"

boy "same, did you see the new album one of them posted up, they think they're so hardcore with their vex"

both" ugghhhh Hollisters make me sick"
by anonymousnineohtwooneoho March 20, 2010
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A store found in many malls. It's clothes are overpriced and look very similar to one another. Their clothing also attempts to be vintage, which it fails at. Those who wear Hollister clothing pretend to know how to surf and are also very similar to one another. Those who work in Hollister may appear good-looking by some standards, however they are the most unhelpful, airheaded people I have ever seen. All males that wear Hollister are either douches or homosexuals. Females that wear Hollister can often be described as hot and slutty, but they can also be described as a succubus.
Preppy bitch: OMG!!! dont i look great in these $80 pre-ripped jeans. I'm totally punk rock now!!!!

Me: No! (I deliver a slap to her face). You aren't different! And stop thinking you are!!!!!

Me: Hey, whats poppin?
Preppy girl: I just got these new jeans at Hollister, they were only $60
(I walk away)

Preppy girl: hey, can i suck out your life force??
(i deliver a slap to her face)
Me: No!! And you arent different!!!!!!

by Truth with a capital Fuck U March 30, 2009
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cheap wannabe abercrombie

people think that they are so cool by shopping at hollister, but really they just look like complete wannabees. Abercrombie is really where its at.

if you like all of your clothes to be bright orange, hot pink, and fluorescent turquoise, then this is the store for you. All their clothes look the same. Every shirt is orange and baby-doll style. you can spot a hollister shirt from a mile away.

by the way, why would you want to wear a shirt with a palm tree and surf board IN THE WINTER?!?!
girl #1: that girl at the end of the street is wearing a hollister shirt

girl #2: how do you know? you see the little seagull logo all the way from here?

girl #1: its orange and has flowers.
by abercrombie does it better October 23, 2007
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Hollister and Abercrombie are the BEST STORES EVER!
OMG!!! I just bought 2 new shirts from hollister & Abercrombie! They were so much $money$ but, OH WELL, I am RICH, so I can PAY for them!!!
by Presley June 11, 2005
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