1.) An expression of positive approval or agreement.

2.) Of top quality or perfection, unequalled in all regards.

3.) A testement to greatness.
a) Me: "I slayed this RX-7 in my minivan tonight and showed him what's up"
Scott: "Hogan"

b) This Quiznos sub if fucking hogan.

c) Eli Wallach was hogan in The Good The Bad and The Ugly
by Whorse January 12, 2005
usually a last name.
sexiest last name in the world.
and who ever has it is so PRETTY AND HANDSOME & sexy!

hogan's are hot.
we're the hottest hogan alive.
by hottiebrenda February 27, 2008
Best viewed whilst wearing a tight fitting pair of jeans, a hogan is the space between the thighs just under the groin. It is measured in finger widths, but can be difficult to observe in the obese or overweight. A "five finger hogan" is the mystical equivalent of the Irish four leaf clover.
Guy 1 "Check her out"
Guy 2 "looks like a three finger hogan to me"
by w00pa1 December 26, 2008
a overly large penis.
Gabe: dude dont take my frito lay BBQ twists!
Mike: these are mine, go get your own bag and stop being a Hogan.
by MdEco666 March 18, 2009
The art of tossing your leftovers from a car moving at a high rate of speed.
Dude pass me those hash browns from Denny's.
I'm going to Hogan them at this old lady raking leaves!
by luder1138 April 15, 2010
A unit of breast measurement. One Hogan is the equivalent of one mouthful of breast.
"She's got a cute face, but only has about one Hogan on top. The judges will deduct points for that."
by rtbergman December 20, 2011
When you take a piece of meat(Cooked or raw), and then slap it across a woman's face.
That bitch gave me mad lip, so i gave her a hogan!
by George December 04, 2004

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