When you take a piece of meat(Cooked or raw), and then slap it across a woman's face.
That bitch gave me mad lip, so i gave her a hogan!
by George December 04, 2004
When a woman is over 5'11, and isn't fat, but comfortably thick.
That girl is a straight up hogan
by BOOMinyourpants February 17, 2010
To harvest one's fart and deliver the odor to another person's nose.
Pete gave me the worst Hogan! He used a pickle jar.
by Foolery Plaza August 20, 2006
A person who eats turkey sandwiches plain with mayo.
Deli: Would you like everything including pickles, lettuce and mustard with that?

Consumer: No, damnit! i am a Hogan!
by L-shiz nit January 03, 2009
A cool,stylish person who has a great personality.
Yo that guy is so hogan
Ya your right
by jeff suter March 28, 2015
Pronounced with emphasis on the second syllable (HoGAN), Hogan is the scientific term for one cubic mouthful of female breast.

The Standard Cubic Mouthful, which is made of corrosian-impervious platinum, is on display in a sealed, leak-proof glass container at the US Office of Weights and Measures in Washington DC.
The cute redhead had such big tits that it was almost impossible to estimate how many Hogans they were.

The well known film "Hero Hogans" featured extremely slim, fit, big-titted young WACS (members of the Women's Army Corps) whom the Germans captured during World War II. Needless to say, following the example of a television series with a similar name, the soldiers manning the prison camp were themselves real boobs.
An Australian bogan who is hot.
She's got a dolphin tatt on her ankle but she's a total hogan.
by Writemix March 04, 2013

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