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To steal or rip off. From the slang noun phrase, "Five Finger Discount"
Yo, you Five-fingered a candy bar? What's up with that?
by Twumanator June 06, 2003
A slang term for hand job.
Lyric: "I'll give you five fingers for a one man show" (Scissor Sisters)
by hauntingme666 February 17, 2005
v. The act of stealing; the correct spelling of the more common phonetic spelling, five fingas. In reference to the the common saying, "Five finger discount"
Yo son, I just seen five fingers on a nigga.
by SoClean November 28, 2005
What Stevo Su does at Busch Gardens when he's being a mofo.
"You mofo, you freaking five-fingered a piece of candy?"
by Twumanator July 24, 2003
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