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Foke is a word used in the place of "fuck" in public places.
"Foke! It's the bloody cops!"
"Foke me doke Gabe" Doke is slang for dick.
"Soke me coke Brandon!" Translation: Suck my cock Brandon.
by Herro Westicles September 27, 2010
55 12
A joke based mostly on real, factual events. Making a comment about someone that could possibly sound like a joke to someone, yet is based on real facts.
I told a Foke to my co-workers..."If he eats that much lunch - he will get drowsy and fall asleep." On the outside it sounds as though one is joking about the persons weight or eating too much, but the people I told it to are aware he likes to fall asleep most days at his desk - with or without the big meal.
by fatboy1970 March 09, 2011
4 15
Fanta mixed with coke.
Guys, lets go subway and get some foke!
by Levo Leverton October 28, 2007
15 43
The french-canadian variant on the word "fucked". To be pronounced foh-kay. May also be spelled fokeé, if the subject of the verb is feminine.
Hein, René - I drove de car into a pole dere again. It's foké.
by rene levesque_2 July 14, 2008
4 33
Mad fake cocaine, all the transatlantic rage cause you can appear like a rock star from afar without OD'ing and whatnot. Might get a placedo buzz if uninformed and a previous coke virgin.
How much is that 8ball of foke?
Four shillings, yo.
That's cheaper than an hj from your mum!
I know!
by Buckles April 11, 2005
12 48