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The art of talking, writing or generally presenting oneself like a ho.
That girl was being real foul on Facebook today and posting inappropriate comments about her sexual escapades with random dudes. I wish she would stop spitting her hoetry for everyone to see.

You know that Slampig will be at the club tonight with her usual hoetry.

What a wonderful piece of hoetry. Now, I am clear that if I sleep with you my dick might fall off!
by True fu August 24, 2010
The art of pimpin' hos.
"Jake did well in his hoetry class today...he came out wit 3 bitches."
by Droopy May 09, 2003
Poetry or rap in the form of demeaning and sexist content, aimed at women.
I'll show you some hoetry, your vagina's like the lottery, you've got to be in it to win it and when you are, smash it like pottery.
by nstaffordking April 07, 2012
Powerful, provocative and artful prose written in the style of a ho.

Excerpt from Aziah King's (@zolarmoon) untitled epic poem about a misadventure in Florida:

The ride was cool.
We all talking.
Blasting Gucci.
I take a nap and wake up in FL...

the black guy goes "Ima put y'all in a room"
For real, I could listen to this girl talk all night. Pure hoetry.
by bottomlessidiot December 28, 2015
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