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verb; "When a man places his wiener between the breasts of a lady."
Sarah Silverman quote from the movie 'I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With'. She asks Jeff Garlin's character if he's ever had a hoagie-shack?
by Greg V. May 21, 2008
When you take your wiener and sandwich it between the bosoms of a lady.
you're a guy, haven't you given an old fashioned hoagie shack?
by some like it hot January 27, 2008
When a guy slides his cock and parks it in the space between a woman's tits. (ie: titty fucking)
Since she is a virgin, the farthest I have gotten with her is a hoagie shack.
by The Sex Godess September 18, 2007
A Hoagie Shack ,or titty fuck, is the act of placin the wiener in between a females bosom's and thrusting repetedly until an orgasm has occured.
Man I had me a good old Hoagie shack last night.
Man I gave that girl the Hoagie Shack.
by Pookie311 May 25, 2008
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