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a free spirited person who is in touch with their inner being as well as the world. Rejects the conventions of society due to all of the bullshit of society. a subculture of chill people jus lookin for a good time and tryin to get high and get by.
Damn that hippy had some dank herbal.
by nickthehippy January 07, 2005
A person who cares about the well being of others. They have the desire for PEACE and universal love; and feel that all humans are created equal; that we are all brothers and sisters.

They believe and respect ALL of the beautiful gifts that God has bestowed upon us especially with Mother Earth, our physical and emotional health and have a strong desire to protect these gifts for future generations.
The term Hippies of today should not be used as derogatory as it has in the past and considered lazy, drug abusing, long haired, law breaking individuals. The hippies of this century are really Yippies, Yuppies plus Hippy
by Herecomesthesun February 29, 2012
One who is most commonly generalised under the same catagory as the following due to their unproductiveness: women, children, the elderly, the obese, environmentalists, feminists.
God damn, look at that useless hippy doing his drugs, and not having a job. How unproductive of him.

Guy #1: Hey man we're running out of firewood

Guy #2: Oh don't worry, there's a hippy circle over there
by Yuppyurshit November 01, 2010
Someone who uses words like, "groovy" and "whoa!" and "man" they also believe in everlasting peace. You may see them walking around in tye dye.
Kate: "Lindsey, why do you always say "groovy", you act like your stoned, your such a hippy!"

Lindsey:"Like man, im not stoned, dude"
by UnicornLoveChild October 18, 2008
people that believe peace is the answer to everything and all that shit, when all their beliefs are protected BY war and violence
Hippys suck
by mark mc spanky July 10, 2008
they drive vws and live in oregon
Look at that hippy driving his vw bus and living in Oregon!
by James CB February 16, 2006
A follower of the san-francisco originated psychadelic scene of late 1960's. Pivotal ideals include: sexual liberation, personal freedom, equality and universal love.

Definitive people/groups associated: Grateful Dead, Jim Morrison, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.

It's cultural context developed a political maturity due to the Vietnam war, so staunch pacifist beliefs and anti-war marches became part of the agenda.

Stereotypical labels of hippies that a considerable amount of morons will suggest: dedicate their lives to smoking weed, smell and don't wash, live in weirdo isolated communes.

Various irritating notions or beliefs that I regard as misinterpretations or mistakes directed at this period include: the assumption that anything ever changed as a result of hippy protests, that music has since been worthless and artistically devoid of truth or passion and that the hippy counte-culture the culminating point of youth rebellion.

The hippy scene owes some of its heritage to the preceding "beat generation" a period born primarily through the writers: Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady (although he didn't actually write much). The beat writers advocated and were fixated and passionate about sexual liberation, personal freedom and a spiritual perception of reality much routed in Eastern philosophy and Buddhism (Kerouac mainly responsible for the spirituality). This was also the first mainstream demonstration of a counter-culture emerging in America.

The enjoyment of drugs was another important facet of the hippy scene, although in a manner much different to the stereotypical picture. Morrison's fascination with exploring and cleansing the "doors of perception" most eloquently explains this interest: there was a desire to penetrate into a higher state of consciousness.

To my mind the hippy era was a prolific and admirably impassioned literary and muscial epoque. Although those individuals attempting to reprise and regurgitate their heroes should observe how music and art has changed so as not to repeat the same indulgences. Still though very groovy times.

A hippy now is a person who wishes to continue these idea's, attitudes and patterns of behaviour despite the forty years that have passed and the innumerable cultural changes that have occurred. But still the intentions are true and pure, and the period really did rock.
(in the 60's)
Dude! check out those hippies all dropping acid, listening to "the end" and having an orgy! let's join in
by passenger May 13, 2005