One who is most commonly generalised under the same catagory as the following due to their unproductiveness: women, children, the elderly, the obese, environmentalists, feminists.
God damn, look at that useless hippy doing his drugs, and not having a job. How unproductive of him.

Guy #1: Hey man we're running out of firewood

Guy #2: Oh don't worry, there's a hippy circle over there
by Yuppyurshit November 01, 2010
Someone who is colorful, horny, pot smoking and lives in a van.
College Admin. Lady: So what do you want to do when you graduate? what do u want to be?

Girl: Well My real dream is to live in vw Van and drive around the country picking up odd jobs for gas money and weed. Get a group of friends to come with me and We'll grow are hair real long and we wont shave and we'll sleep under the stars.

College Admin. lady: HaHa that was funny but be serious.

Girl: Peace, I'm being serious- Love And Weed baby.

College Admin. Lady: Well It one or the other Hippy or College

Girl: Well Im gonna have to pick Hippy but if your ever lonely here in your big nice college admin. Office just look for the rainbow colored van man, k
by Hippylover November 09, 2008
People that are hated by most of the human race because they refuse to be part of a society filled with ignorance, hatred, and brainwashing. Hippies are great people, and alot of people hate them because they're sheep, and they follow what Eric Cartman off South Park says.
Hippie: Hey let's take some LSD, listen to a bit of Grateful Dead and just groove.

Right-wing, brainwashed Idiot: You lazy hippies are all the same, why don't you get a job and a haircut, and become a slave like the rest of us hard-working people of this amazing society.
by DarkAmbientForest February 26, 2011
Someone who uses words like, "groovy" and "whoa!" and "man" they also believe in everlasting peace. You may see them walking around in tye dye.
Kate: "Lindsey, why do you always say "groovy", you act like your stoned, your such a hippy!"

Lindsey:"Like man, im not stoned, dude"
by UnicornLoveChild October 18, 2008
people that believe peace is the answer to everything and all that shit, when all their beliefs are protected BY war and violence
Hippys suck
by mark mc spanky July 10, 2008
Dude, It's a dude, Dude!
Duuuuuuuude, you don't own the potato, the potato owns you! - Hippy
by Gentatsu October 22, 2007
they drive vws and live in oregon
Look at that hippy driving his vw bus and living in Oregon!
by James CB February 16, 2006

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