A person who cares about the well being of others. They have the desire for PEACE and universal love; and feel that all humans are created equal; that we are all brothers and sisters.

They believe and respect ALL of the beautiful gifts that God has bestowed upon us especially with Mother Earth, our physical and emotional health and have a strong desire to protect these gifts for future generations.
The term Hippies of today should not be used as derogatory as it has in the past and considered lazy, drug abusing, long haired, law breaking individuals. The hippies of this century are really Yippies, Yuppies plus Hippy
by Herecomesthesun February 29, 2012
1. One who is often lackidasical in their everyday attitude and have a relatively high chance of being under the influence of marijuana.

2. Kevin Hopkins
"What you doin after this?" - Ryan
"Fuckin Jazz Band" - Alex
"I wish I was Jazz Band" - Hippy
by Lockwood February 16, 2005
People who are all about the environment (sp) and hug trees. They smoke weed. There hair is past there hips (and yess even for the dudes). They sell stupid lava lamps at junk sells (yees i said junk sells instead of garage sales...hippies dont have garages they live in mobile homes).

EX: the hippies formed a group so now everyone is going to have to be Earth friendly!! Nooooo!! They said no computers because they use to much energy!! Ahhh!!
*you need a better example for a hippy look somewhere else!
by L01@ July 06, 2009
Hippy is often used as a derogatory form of the term "Flower Child". The term flower child comes from the use of "flower power", which is anti-violent protest, especially the act of putting a flower in a gun as a protest against the war.

The original flower child movement was made of people who promoted love over hate, wanted to end the war, were very intelligent and politically active, were unsatisfied with today's culture and wished to expand their minds and those of the people around them. They tended to be very liberal democrats, or more commonly, socialists. They were very concerned with the world around them, not just war, but poverty, women's rights, civil rights, youth's rights, and the preservation of the environment.

The term hippy more commonly refers to drugged out dirty teenagers, or later joiners of the movement who just wanted to be cool and did not really care about all the issues. Most 'hippies' will not be offended by the term, because in its originality, it was interchangeable with the term 'flower child'.

There tends to be a very misunderstood association of hippies with drugs. In the original movement, many of the young people were very dissatisfied with their morals and religions being taught at home, and were searching for something new. They turned to nature and ancient natural spiritual beliefs, eastern religions (especially Buddhism), and of course, mind expanding drugs such as Marijuana, LSD, and Mushrooms. It is important to remember that drugs such as LSD were not made illegal until 1965, well after the beatnik and folkie beginning of the flower child movement, and that these drugs were often used in spiritual practices as ways to make it easier to open up the mind and journey within oneself. Did all hippies do drugs? Pretty much. Did a whole lot of them stop: Yes, although marijuana use is still common among modern hippies, the majority have learned from those before them, and stopped the use of these 'heaver' drugs. And don’t make the mistake of inferring that all hippies these days smoke, pot is at least 5 times more potent and often laced with more dangerous drugs, so huge amounts have chosen to stop, or never began.

Another common mistuned standing is the idea that all hippies are 'dirty' and 'smell'. We must remember, most hippies were baby boomers from suburbia in their earlier lives, so yes, they showered. This idea comes from the fact that most hippies believed that all people should be equal, and there for many did not own many outfits and would let them get torn, stained, and patched before buying new ones. Also, music was a way of sending a political and spiritual message to the world, and therefore hippies flocked to concerts. Huge outdoor concerts were common, and there weren't the most appropriate showering facilities at these places. I'm sure there were also some who saw showering more than once a week as a waste of precious of time. Keep in mind, that this is still the amount of times between bathing in many modern European countries.

There are countless famous flower children, but the most famous would have to be John Lennon, and Donovan. John Lennon of course was a member of the Beatles, and ran mass protests throughout the 70's, along with making some of the most famous protest music such as "All We Are Saying is Give Peace a Chance" and "Power to the People". The Term "Flower Power" was first used in an article about Donovan, his roots as a beatnik show the beginning of the movement, and he was a bit of a spiritual leader for the masses.

"Apathy isn't it, and we can do something. Ok, so flower power didn't work, so what? We start again." -John Lennon
I saw a bunch of hippies portesting the war on t.v. One Hippy was holding up a sign that said "No more blood for oil." Wow, now everyone is going to know how bad this war really is.
by Cosmic_Wheels June 08, 2006
tree hugger
hippies steal my lsd at night
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
1.Someone who cares about the world and realizes that money is nothing if we're all dead.

2.Someone who isn't too damn lazy to throw trash in a trash can.
"George w. Bush" says "If their werent a single hippy in this world, this planet ert would be clenter.

Simple mistakes. Typical George w. Bush mistakes.
by DannyRebus November 27, 2010
Hickies that are found on the hip.
Look at the hippies my girlfriend gave me.
by Papa Jon November 09, 2010

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