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To do a Barwell is to do a stupid thing
If you were to walk into a lamp-post, you would be doing a Barwell
#stupid #twit #twat #tit #gay #wanker #idiot
by Tellytubbie April 24, 2007
A place of which used to be highly cultured, perpendicular to the largest village in england, and of high standards. Since then is has fallen dramatically. However, apart from the chavs that consume Barwells footsteps on the High Street, there are some very nice people to meet there. Wouldn't go there for a holiday though.
James Strain: Lets go up top town for a fag
James mum: Be carefull, honey!
James: Yo I own Barwell innit


More highly cultured people of Barwell: Fuckin chav .. our plan to kill him will be carried out one day..
#barwell #chavs #highly cultured #failing #scutty partys #westside #eastside #nice parts
by The westside.. the cleanside December 30, 2006
Having sex with someone while still wearing a t-shirt.
I was so drunk last night I barwelled her, wont be wearing that shirt again.
#sex #t-shirt #manboobs #lazy #terrible
by hatecraig July 31, 2013
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