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A mad man, who tried to impres Jodie Foster by shooting the president Ronald Reagan
John Hinckley the man who tried to kill Reagan too bad he missed
by damnfly February 13, 2009
Example 1: a short man/boy, with an enormous penis....pertaining to the japanese tv show.

Example 2: Also another word for the city of Tokyo Japan in ancient times.

Example 3: When said eddy a inwards part of a river
example 1:
guy 1:look at that edo
guy 2: where i don't see him he's so short

guy 1: yah but look at the huge bulge in his pants!

both: god what a dick!!!

example 2:

guy 1: my great grandparents lived in edo
guy 2:wheres that??
guy 1: another word for tokyo

example 3:

guy 1 and 3: watch out! head for that eddy!
guy 2: ok hold on!
by damnfly March 03, 2010
When a man or a woman kisses the forehead of the other gender.
GUY 1:Dude that girl is totally getting forehead!
Guy 2:No way dude!
by Damnfly April 29, 2009
a dick often extremly small and square
Guy 1: Oh my god Jack has such a canadian dick
Guy 2: Yah thats killer!
by damnfly May 06, 2009

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