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The male version of a bimbo, whore, or slut.
He's such a himbo that he'd sleep with anything that has, or had, a pulse.
by Monkdunker August 26, 2003
The male version of a bimbo.
He's hot but the conversation goes nowhere as he is a total himbo.
by smoothy-o January 16, 2005
male bimbo
He is such a himbo, can't talk to save his life, but what a body!
by Adrian December 14, 2002
Male version of bimbo. Often attractive, yet highly unintelligent man or boy
"That himbo was taking me out on dates, while having a serious significant other on the side"

by kdon3 October 18, 2008
A man bimbo. He's a him, who is a bimbo, hence: a himbo.
Cheryl will only date himbos because they don't give you trouble or try to control you.
by billyclub August 22, 2006
male version of a bimbo. They are usually easy on the eyes but spend more time flexing then using their noggin. If your man's self image is tied into his muscles, level of tan, and body hair distribution...he may be a himbo. If he pouts, makes awkward "sexy" poses, and speaks in third person take a picture you may have spotted a himbo
He looks good but is not that bright, what a himbo!
by aurorarose July 31, 2012
a stupid pretty boy.
The cK model who complained that good looks don't matter is such a him-bo.
by Khanee October 08, 2003
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