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a mixture of the words 'slutty' and 'himbo' (male equivalent of a bimbo.

Used by girls in Yorkshire to describe male enemies
The shimboes are all over each other again.

Don't those girls realise the shimboes only have eyes for each other?
by LozRoz December 01, 2004
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shit my brains out - pronounced shhh mmm bo
a: Whats the rush bud?
b: I gotta SHIMBO.
a: Come again.
b: Ate some nasty chinese food 4 lunch.
a: Gotcha!
#diarrhea #runs #craps #poops #bm
by Shubi April 26, 2006
aussie term for.. One who is of a tansexual gender
last night i got magget and macked a shimbo! no good!!
by roztyle November 09, 2003
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