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to refuse sex even if it with a long term girlfreind

not always due to being a gentleman cos the girl is really drunk but also if you chicken out due to fear of sex itself

sadly this doesnt aply for paris hilton cos she has never shown these characteristics
"they were alone but she was abit drunk so he pulled a hilton"
by last time i open a can October 30, 2005
A yellow haired growth with nothing but bone especially on the chest even though they are rich and could get a boob job has giant nasel cavities where they could get rhinoplasty and is suprisingly not dead from swallowing a high amount of sperm ;is very stupid, selfish, greedy, slutty, and flat; and does not contribute to society and could probably not read the first word in this description
This chick is such a hilton
by Celeb Kill December 07, 2007
the act of saying inappropriate things whilst sleeping with a girl
"he was singing brown sugar whilst performing cunnilingus on black girl, he did the hilton "

Saying "so there he was, screaming "come again please", to this cornershop girl... he did the hilton.
by ruiserpar March 22, 2008
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