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A ploy used by washed up celebrities to gain main stream media attention. Also see the term pathetic.
Kid Rock and Scott Stapp sex tape, Jane Fonda and Ted Turner sex tape (what are they? 70!) etc.
by neo100101 March 02, 2006
reason why so many people are becoming famous without having any ounce of talent
hey if you want to become famous, just make a sex tape with a celebrity.
by pocketdotslotz February 22, 2010
Footage of a celebrity / celebrities who are otherwise not known as pornographic performers engaging in sexual acts. Often takes the form of an amateur porn home movie. May be used as a form of publicity by particularly cynical / fame-seeking individuals.
Did you guys catch the Paris Hilton sex tape?
by Ucrylic May 22, 2010
refer to the R.KELLY underage piss scandal or just watch dave chappele.
wow did you see r kelly sex tape when he pissed on that girl?
by fredw March 06, 2006
Tape used to Secure things EXtremely well. S.EX. Tape. Endorsed by a world famous actor who created the brand Eva Mendes Sex Tape.
1. Dude my pole split in half!
2. It's okay I have sex tape, your pole will be as good as new in no time.
by skinny spartan April 02, 2011

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